The blog has landed…


I’ve been threatening this for a while. Yes, in my slow march from the 15th century to the 21st, I’ve just about mastered Twitter, and now begins my sojourn into the world of blogs.

I’ll try and update this regularly, and it will be a mixture of content. Mostly it will be my ramblings, but I’ll welcome the occasional guest post in too. Mostly it’ll be articles I’ve written, many on local or medieval history, but also musings on the nature of history, thoughts on current events, and even the occasional diversion off into the world of film or the latest series of Doctor Who. Watch this space as articles will be landing in the next week or so on a rather unpleasant episode from Peterborough’s medieval story, followed by a summation of the impact a national event had on the city.

Please enjoy, and feel free to feed back thoughts and join the debate!

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